Body and mind in total balance … How many times have you dreamed about this?

In today’s society, and more so after the Covid pandemic, it is increasingly important to rediscover harmony between mind and body, to maintain and strengthen your health.

The BODY & MIND plans are specially created to calm stress, regain psychophysical balance and enjoy an ideal cocktail of rest and relaxation.

Discover our exclusive and focused formulas for each objective. We perform combinations of therapeutic techniques, mindfulness, yoga and coaching, in the middle of the incomparable setting of the Andorran mountains.

  • the-elements-of-nature-retreat-andorra
    Take a deep breath, relax and let your energies flow. Enjoy this programme focused on balancing the four fundamental elements of nature. A perfect recipe to balance and align your body and mind.


  • ****¡ALL INCLUSIVE! **** Improve your health, increase your awareness and balance your life by practicing the ancient knowledge of yoga, Ayurveda and meditation. In this Fullness Yoga retreat, you will learn new skills that you can apply to everyday life. Turn off technology and experience a reconnection with yourself and nature!


  • Namaste-Retreat-Andorra
    Learn to enjoy the present moment and achieve greater awareness in your everyday life by experimenting with different methods of mindfulness, meditation, coaching and NLP, amongst others. Our purpose is to contribute to a balanced personal development, to acquire mental skills, to improve your health and generate a greater physical and emotional well-being. To learn not to generate expectations, to encourage detachment, without judgements, with kindness, simply to be and to let go.