Our energy therapies aim to return the natural connection between the energy of the body and the emotions of the mind and soul. We do this by removing blockages, directing energy in the direction and in the right amount.

Energy healing is a way of approaching and raising awareness of the energy systems of the body and of the whole being. It has been known for centuries that an energy field emanates and surrounds the human body. Depletions or imbalances in energy systems can result in unhealthy physical conditions of pain or illness. Energy healing professionals evaluate the subtleties of a client’s energy field and then work to activate and restore the natural healing patterns that are innate to all human beings.

The tools used by our therapists are varied. On the one hand, we perform therapy through the hands by manipulating energy points. In other cases, we perform therapy through the hands as channels through sound and smells. Our therapies have the awareness and intention of specialist therapists.

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