Who are we

At Andorra Wellness Experience we have renowned professionals specializing in complementary therapies.

Our experts use the most varied techniques in body and mind disciplines, for example therapeutic massages and reflexology, yoga and Mindfulness, Coaching and NLP, Reiki and Tibetan bowls, among many others….

We are a qualified team in different areas, from massage, therapies, personal support as well as teachers of the activities that we include in our exclusive plans and unique experiences. Professionalism and innovation are linked to our principles of sustainability and respect for our environment in each and every one of our activities, offering a new model of health tourism.


Our values

Andorra Wellness Experience born and is created and emerges in the middle of nature, inspired by it, by the mountains, valleys, peaks, lakes and trails that make up the natural universe of Encamp. Nature is our pillar, motor and reason for being.

Professionalism and innovation join our principles of sustainability and respect for our environment in each and every one of our activities, offering a new model of ecological and sustainable health tourism, integrated with the natural environment of Andorra and all the planet.

What we offer

More than 2000 years ago, ancient Greece left us the legacy of the wise physician Hippocrates. A visionary who discovered the basic means to preserve health, all of them after centuries, proven by science…

Greek philosophy already spoke of the 4 elements of nature, Air, Water, Fire and Earth, as the 4 principles of the universe and life. They allow everything around us and everything we are, to be connected and in perfect balance. Sometimes, however, we lose this wonderful harmony, it seems that the natural harmony escapes us …

At Wellness Experience, this is our challenge and goal. For this reason, we offer you a straight offer of therapeutic, ecological and wellness programs, conceived in a holistic way in order to regenerate physical shape and promote psychic-emotional balance.

Stop for a moment to move forward faster

Release tension and restore balance. A well-deserved RESET to regain the energy you need, that will allow you to move more strongly and with a renewed spirit.

Our facilities

Only 50 m from the neuralgic Carlemany Avenue, in the center of Escaldes parish, near the Police building, in the same street of Immigration District and right next to the covered Communal Parking named Boïgues, our intimate and cozy center awaits you.

Leave the stress and bustle out the door when you enter our small oasis of peace, where you can taste a relaxing or detox infusion before entering the massage or therapy room, which depending on the activities is transformed into a room yoga or meditation space, etc. A space created with love and dedication for your total comfort and well-being.


Fullness Yoga
(3 días)

295 € todo incluído

Te esperamos del 15 al 17 de julio 2022.
Plazas limitadas.