(Skull, cervical, back, lumbar, legs and feet)

The nervous stimuli of the treated area are enhanced, to reach new deep states of well-being.

Regulates and relieves psychophysical tension, providing a sense of deep well-being.

Japanese manual therapy, is performed by means of pressures, balances, stretching and connections, with traditional Chinese medicine origins.

Improves the functioning of the lymphatic system, helping to eliminate the accumulation of fluids and toxins.

Of ancient tradition, restore the harmony of the body and unblock the flow of energy.

Relieves stress and muscle tension, firm and moderate massage on the scalp, neck and shoulders.

Improves performance and physical condition, eliminates toxins and restores elasticity and contributes to muscle oxygenation.

Combines various techniques from stretching, pressures, kneading, using hands, knees or feet. It helps the circulation of the blood and strengthens the immune system.

Heir of Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and yoga, relieves tension, relaxes and tones muscles, and provides energy and serenity of spirit. Releases energy blockages to maintain a state of general well-being.

It works specific points of the foot, in which the organism is reflected, regulating the different systems of the body.

The exfoliation is a true beauty treatment for cleansing, moisturizing, oxygenation of the skin, as well as to treat pimples, wrinkles and age spots. Leaves the skin noticeably softer with a more youthful appearance.

Regula y alivia la tensión psicofísica, proporcionando una sensación de bienestar profundo.

It consists in anointing the body with oil applying a massage to stimulate the elimination of toxins and to de-stress the musculature. Promotes health, vigor, longevity and beauty.

Authentic “energetic cure” in which the “marma” (vital points) are stimulated and pressed through anointing and massage with warm and medicinal oils to achieve a balance and absolute serenity.

A luxury for the body combined with an original massage that will relax tensions and transform your skin.

Improves muscle capacity and helps to relieve and reduce pain.

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