Body Reflexology Workshops (2 h 30')


Theoretical and practical workshop to discover where are the points that balance your energy system and how to stimulate them.


Reflexology consists of treatment of specific areas the hands and feet, through pressure and massage, the benefits are reflected in physical-mental and emotional health. The workshop is about using this amazing therapy to improve many aspects of our health, in addition to stimulating our body’s ability to self-heal.


  • Brief historical introduction to Reflexology
  • How it works, how it feels to experience it
  • The reflex points of the hands and feet, corresponding to each component of the body.
  • Practical exercises
  • The specific effects of manipulation:
    • The state of relaxation
    • The improvement of the functions of organs and apparatuses,
    • The recovery of the lost balance


Requirements: wear comfortable clothes

Duration: 2.30 hours

Availability: to be specified according to demand

Languages ​​in which you can do the activity: Catalan and Spanish

Location: In our center in Escaldes


Suitable for adults and young people from 12 years.

2h 30′ = 35 € / Person
Under 16 = 50% discount
 Minimum 4 people 

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Under 16 years old
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