Forest bath (2.30 h)

25 €

The “FOREST BATH” comes from the Japanese technique “Shinrin-yoku”, based on the conscious reconnection with nature, forming a bridge between human beings and the natural world. The meeting of this ancestral union generates an immediate feeling of harmony and balance, reducing stress rapidly. It is an activity aimed at awakening the five senses, letting yourself be surprised and consciously enjoying the experience to reconnect with our essence.


Suitable for adults and young people from 7 years.

Duration: 2.30 hours.  Material: carry water, hiking boots, cap and comfortable clothes, suitable for the season and the weather. Availability: to be specified according to demand. Languages in which you can do the activity: Catalan, Spanish.

Location: Engolasters Lake



2.30 h = 25 € / Person. Includes a small healthy snack.

Children and young people up to 16 years old, 50% discount.

Discount for groups (ask for information)

 Minimum 5 people 

 *Activity subject to weather conditions as it cannot be done indoors.

Under 16 years old
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