NAMASTÉ Retreat: awareness and mindfulness (7 days)


Learn to enjoy the present moment and achieve greater awareness in your everyday life by experimenting with different methods of mindfulness, meditation, coaching and NLP, amongst others.

Our purpose is to contribute to a balanced personal development, to acquire mental skills, to improve your health and generate a greater physical and emotional well-being. To learn not to generate expectations, to encourage detachment, without judgements, with kindness, simply to be and to let go.


To learn not to generate expectations, to encourage detachment, without judgements, with kindness, simply to be and to let go. The key features of the one-week NAMASTE programme are:

  • Silence as a means of connecting with our internal and external experience, as a vehicle of self-awareness and a place where everything is allowed to flow.
  • Step out of our usual environment to achieve new perspectives on ourselves, and also on the distortion mechanisms and constraints that keep us mentally trapped.
  • Observe and expand consciousness to recognise our roots and honour our way of being.



 DAY 1: Introduction and mindfulness*

  • Mindfulness guided walk with our expert*
  • Guided meditation to prepare to connect with your inner self

DAY 2: Perception of external reality*

  • Outdoor tai chi session*
  • Mountain hike including NLP session to learn how to overcome emotional blockages*
  • Meditationin the surroundings of the magnificent Romanesque chapels of Andorra, places full of history and energy*
  • In the same place, end of experience listening to Gregorian chants

DAY 3: Breathing and concentration

  • Outdoor hatha yoga session*
  • Mindfulness walk to the Engolasters lake and guided meditation ‘Like water reflection’*
  • Pranayama: connection and ability to strengthen mental focus
  • Balancing energy therapy
  • Music therapy session though the magic of Tibetan bowls and harmonics.

DAY 4: Our body is our temple

  • Stretching or Pilatessession
  • Creative dance to awaken the wisdom and memory of the body
  • Foot reflexology
  • Ayurvedic massage
  • Reiki session

DAY 5: Awareness of interior reality

  • Nidra yoga session
  • Mindfulness walk through the forest ‘Walking, observing and feeling in a conscious way’
  • Afternoon of meditation, releasing, flowing and connecting with oneself
  • The power of the OM chant

DAY 6: The ego and the game of the mind

  • Stretching or Pilates session*
  • Coaching and NLP on how to manage constraints and the distorting mechanisms of the mind
  • Original biological de-codification session
  • Meditation and silence hearing

DAY 7: Worship and farewell

  • Forest bath* diving into nature
  • Meditationon the power of worship
  • Mantra chantand farewell



Suitable for adults and young people from 12 years.

Material: comfortable clothes suitable for the season and weather, good shoes,

Duration: from Wednesday to Sunday morning

Availability: to be specified according to demand

Languages in which you can do the activity: Catalan and Spanish

Location: In our center of Escaldes. and in various areas of Andorra



Price for 7 days = € 619 / Person
Under 16 years = 50% discount.
The price includes: all morning and afternoon activities.
Does NOT include: accommodation, meals or travel.

Minimum 4 people   -Request prior reservation.

 *Activities subject to weather conditions: can be done indoors. 

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