Yoga in everyday life Workshops (2 h)


Practical workshop where you will learn to apply yoga to daily life in a simple way to balance your physical and mental health, connecting with your essence and the cosmos.


Generally, during the day, we are working tense and often restless, contracting muscles and breathing without being aware of it. With the practice of yoga we will learn to become aware and better manage our resources:

If we keep the body in harmony and the mind calm, we can generate positive thoughts and harmonious emotions in every sense. Remember, your inner peace is not negotiable.

  We will practice:

  • Shavasana: conscious relaxation.
  • OM song.
  • Pranayama: Kaphalabhati (physical and mental detoxification breathing technique)
  • Hatha yoga (asanas or postures to open the diaphragm, remove tension, activate the mind and spirit.
  • Nidra Yoga (guided relaxation-meditation)

We end the workshop with questions and thanks


Duration: 2 hours

Availability: to be specified according to demand

Languages ​​in which you can do the activity: Catalan and Spanish

Location: In our center in Escaldes


Suitable for adults and young people from 7 years.

2 h = 30 € / Person

Under 16 = 50% discount

 Minimum 4 people

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Under 16 years old
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