Cellular Nutrition

We know the importance to complementing our wellness experiences and therapeutic techniques with the correct nutritional diet.

Our diet no longer guarantees the ingestion and assimilation of all the nutrients we need.

Therefore, it is essential to combine physical, energetic, mental and spiritual care with a specific “cellular nutrition”.

At WELLNESS EXPERIENCE we use and sell EXCLUSIVE products of the latest generation with bio and nano technology for the body’s physiological systems, which strengthen the immune system through cellular nutrition.

This is a complete range aimed at every system of the body: from the skin, hair and nails system to the glandular, from nervous/neuronal to digestive system, from micro/macro circulatory to musculo-skeletal locomotive system, from endocrine/lymphatic to female/male reproductive system, etc.

In addition, there are different products for weight control such as fat burners and very complete food substitutes, as well as for sports benefits, with highly freeze-dried proteins and a variety of antioxidant components.

For Skin Care

We have a spectacular natural cosmetic range with highly moisturizing formulas, inspired by nature and ancient Korean beauty techniques. Blends and fermentations of green tea, rose water and other water sources are combined with natural fragrances and the ÄKwa line represents the science of renewal.

A star product is an exclusive blend of 5 sources of collagen plus wheat ceramides, biotin, vitamins and astaxanthin.

What makes these products unique, backed by countless studies, patents and awards, are the transfer factors, molecules found in colostrum. We are talking about the first breast milk that transfers all the immunological information accumulated by the mother to the baby. That information helps her immature and inexperienced system adapt to the world. Unlike many of the supplements you can find in health food shops, transfer factors provide the immune system the ability to recognise, react to and remember all kinds of threats, thus defending our body against them.

The immune system is an immense network of cells, tissues and organs that coordinates your body’s defences against any threat to your health. 4Life Transfer Factor products also contain essential nutrients (folic acid, selenium, copper, zinc and vitamins A, B6, B12, C and D) that help you stay healthy at all levels.

Don’t hesitate, come to Wellness Experience in Andorra to enjoy a unique experience to strengthen your health and keep it in balance.

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